Internship Analysis 2018–19

Internships lay the foundation for producing an intuitive and conscientious generation of future professionals. Grabbing a degree from university won’t turn you into such a professional. Rather it comes from the ability to network with others, experiences, success, and failures in projects or experiments and learning from them. Thus, internships play an important role in providing one with the first-hand insight into his/her potential career without a long-term commitment. Among all those who endeavour to secure an internship through CDC, only a few finally make it through.

The series of examinations have already started for the CDC internships this year and to facilitate the job of students aspiring to bag their desired internships, Awaaz, IIT Kharagpur presents the analysis of the internships offered through CDC in the last academic year.

A total of 458 offers were made by various companies through CDC last year. Tech giant Google had made 1 offer while Samsung (R&D) was on the top of the list with 65 offers and it was followed by Goldman Sachs (14), Credit Suisse(14), OYO(13), Texas Instruments (11) and Adobe (10).

Out of the 458 internships offered, 236 were bagged by students from B.Tech. courses, while the remaining went to the students, enrolled in Dual Degree/ Int. M.Sc. courses. Similar to the trend of last year, the students from the Department of Computer Science & Engineering had obtained the maximum number of offers (79). Among the students of CSE, 46 students were from the B.Tech. course while other 33 students were from the Dual Degree course. The CSE Department was followed by the Department of E&ECE (78), with 47 and 31 students from Bachelors’ and Dual Degree course respectively. The count for a few other branches is Electrical Engg. (52), Mechanical Engg. (43), Chemical Engg. (24) and Mathematics & Computing (33).

However, either only a few or no students from PH, AG, BT, CY, EX, GG and NA branches could get a CDC internship. This issue remained more or less similar to the last year and seeks immediate attention from the administration for the potential solutions to provide students from all the departments with the balanced opportunities not only in the IT/Software and other non-core fields but also those which align with their core curriculum.

Awaaz, IIT Kharagpur wishes ALL THE BEST to the students endeavoring for CDC Internships this academic year. We hope that this session would bring a number of offers from the leading industries and the exertion of the students’ will pay-off.

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