Internship Analysis 2019-20

Internships are a proven way to gain relevant knowledge, skills, and experience while establishing important connections in the field. Completing an internship provides exposure to working environments, which is helpful when students consider taking up any career. They help in understanding whether the field or industry you would like to work in is the right path for you. With the end of Autumn 2020, CDC internship examinations have also come to a closure. Awaaz, IIT Kharagpur presents the analysis of the internships offered through CDC in this academic year.

The first five days saw 107, 86, 93, 34 and 76 offers being made, respectively. A total of 85 companies visited and 484 internships were offered to the students this year. Honeywell stands on the top with 29 offers, and it was followed by Microsoft (24), Mastercard (23), Huawei (17), Amazon (14) and Texas Instruments (14).

Company Wise Statistics

Branch and Course Wise Statistics

Out of 484 internships offered, 236 were bagged by students enrolled in B.Tech. course, 179 by students from Dual Degree course and 55 by students from Int. M.Sc. course. It also includes 14 offers to students with Financial Engineering interdisciplinary.

The students from Computer Science and Engineering got the highest number of offers (102). Among the students of CSE, 62 students were from the B.Tech. course while 40 students were from Dual Degree course. It was followed by the Department of E&ECE (74) with 41 and 33 students from Bachelors’ and Dual Degree course respectively. The count for few other branches is Electrical Engineering (49), Mechanical Engineering (43), Chemical Engineering (33), Mathematics & Computing (30) and Industrial & Systems Engineering (26).