Internship Analysis 2020-21

The exciting journey of learning and tinkering is never complete without proper work experience. Internships are such an opportunity that give your hard-earned degrees a final touch. They make our learning complete and consistent with professional and industrial exposure.

One of the advantages of such a learning model is that it is an effective alternative to gain the required experience without committing yourself to full time. With almost 1500 students competing through the structured procedure of CDC Internships, very few are able to achieve this experience in light of intense competition.

As it is said that Information and awareness is the greatest tool for success, we at Awaaz, IIT Kharagpur understand the student need. Hence, we present an analysis of the internships offered through CDC in the Academic Year 2020-21.

A total of 609 offers were made by 106 companies through the CDC. Honeywell topped the most recruitments chart with 30 offers, followed by AppViewX (25), Microsoft (24), Mastercard (23) and Samsung R&D (18). Tech giants including Google (13), Adobe (8), Qualcomm (7) and Nvidia (3) also produced a generous number of offers.

Check the complete Company Wise Analysis here.

Branch-wise Analysis

Despite the constraints imposed by the COVID-19, a significant number of recruits were made by companies from all branches. The CSE branch bagged the highest number of offers this year, i.e. 114. It was followed by E&ECE (85) and ME (59).

As per the usual trend, the percentage of branch wise recruits vs total registered peaked for CSE (88.98%), followed by MA (80%), IM (65.08%), and EC (62.02%), despite COVID-19, which shows some positive trend. Even specialized branches such as QE (56.25%) and IE (56.52%) managed to bag a decent number of recruitments.


Recruitment Percentage(%) = 100 X (No. of Students with Offer)/(Registered Students)

Profile-wise Analysis

A detailed analysis of the profile-wise recruitment showed that the highest number of offers were made in the Software profile (54.02%), consistent with the yearly trend. This was followed by the sectors in Core Engineering (14.78%), Finance (5.91%), Analytics (4.59%), and Investment Banking (4.43%).

Course-wise Analysis

Analogous to previous years, this year too, offers to the B.Tech Students were the highest among all courses, i.e. 296. It was followed by the Dual Degree Students(229), Integrated M.Sc(68), LLB-IP(13) & B.Arch(3).

With the closing of the Academic Year 2020-21, we are also approaching the conclusion of CDC Internships 2020-21 soon.

The data presented in this report maybe subject to minor errors. All data presented has been collected and updated on and before 23 April, 2021.

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