Internship Analysis 2021-22

Internships are the portal providing the first exposure of the real world to the students and giving them the opportunity to polish up their skills. They give students the much-required insight into various fields, which not just develop their skills and experience but also help them to decide whether the field they have chosen is right for them or not.

With the end of Autumn 2021, CDC internship processes for Phase-I come close to an end. A big congratulations to the students for their well-deserved success, and the Placement Committee for making every effort to provide students an internship in their dream companies, even in online mode.

This phase saw a staggering 810 internships offered to the students by 116 different companies. A total of 1570 students had registered in the phase, out of which 780 got an offer. This is a tremendous increase in numbers from 583 offers in 2020-21 and 510 in 2019-20.

Company-wise Analysis

Honeywell topped the most recruitments chart with a huge margin by giving 62 offers, followed by Amazon (28), Microsoft (25), Texas Instruments (23), MathWorks (22), and Sprinklr (22). Tech giants including Google (14), Nvidia (14), Adobe (13), Oracle (13), and Qualcomm (9) also recruited in decent numbers.

Branch-wise Analysis

Breaking the usual trend, this year, the EC branch tops the leaderboard by receiving a total of 128 offers, closely followed by CSE (123), EE (83), and ME (75).

These also include the 50 offers grabbed by the students in an Interdisciplinary Program – Artificial Intelligence (21), Financial Engineering (18), Engineering Entrepreneurship (8), and Petroleum Engineering (3).

The students in specialized branches also received a good number of offers with Instrumentation Engineering (33), Manufacturing Science and Engineering (26), and QEDM (15, QE-7 + QM-8).

Department-wise Percentage Analysis

The percentage of department-wise recruits vs total registered peaked for CSE (90.3%), followed by MA (81.5%), EC (80.8%), and EE (70.2%). The percentage took a giant leap for EC and EE from last year’s 62.0% and 55.3%, respectively.

Looking further into the departments, in CSE, 92% of students from Dual Degree and 89% of students from BTech course were offered an internship. MA department stands next with a recruitment percentage of 81.5% (Int MSc). EC department then follows with offers being given to 83% of BTech and 78% of Dual Degree students.

Note: IE Branch comes under EE Department; EX Branch comes under GG Department; MF Branch comes under ME Department; QE and QM Branches come under IM Department.

Course-wise Analysis

Out of 810, the highest number of offers (379) are bagged by the students from BTech courses, followed by Dual Degree (325) and Integrated MSc (88). The percentage of the registered students that received an offer remained close to 50 for BTech, Dual Degree, and Integrated MSc courses.

Sector-wise Analysis

The highest number of recruitments were made in the IT/Software sector (49.3%), consistent with the yearly trend. This was followed by the sectors in Core Engineering (13.6%), Analytics (7.9%), and Investment Banking (6%).

Previous Year Trends

Although most branches saw a significant increase in recruitments, this year was exceptional for EC and EE branches as there was an enormous growth in the number of offers being made to them.

The data presented in this report may be subject to minor errors. All data presented has been collected and updated on and before 21 November 2021.