Placement Analysis, Phase 1, 2020-21

Campus placements provide the students with a foot-in-the-door opportunity, enabling them to start their career right after they complete their course. Despite the pandemic situation, a considerable increase has been observed in the median salary offered to the final year students. The placements were carried out through virtual mode for the first time due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. 

A total of 838 offers (excluding PPOs) were made by different companies through the CDC. ICICI topped the list with 29 offers, followed by EXL Services (26), HCL (19), Honeywell (19), Microsoft (18), Accenture Japan (16), Fractal Analytics (15) and Axis Bank (14). There were 29 offers (3.46%) from foreign companies.


Branch-wise Analysis

The Covid-19 crisis had a negative impact on the campus placement resulting in fewer offers compared to last year. Like every year, the graphs are peaking for CSE, ECE and EE branches in terms of percentage placed (32.77% of all the students placed) as well as the pay packages. This year the highest CTC (80 LPA) was offered to a student from the ECE branch. Median CTC was highest for the QE branch (18.5 LPA), followed by ECE (18 LPA), and IE (17 LPA).

PS: IE, IP, IT, MS, QE and QM branches had a very low number of students who registered for placements. Hence, the absoloute number of students placed in these branches is low.

Course-wise Analysis

Among all the courses, students registered in the Dual degree courses bagged the highest number of offers (301), followed by B.Tech. (220) and M.Tech. (162). The Dual Degree students were also offered the highest median CTC of 15 LPA, closely followed by B.Tech. students with a median CTC 14.7 LPA. Among the UG students, it was seen that Dual Degree students were favoured probably because they have an additional degree.

PS: Ph.D. and M.Sc. + M.Tech. students have a very high median CTC of over 20 LPA but few students of these courses were placed.

Comparision with last year

Although the number of companies visiting the campus remained more or less the same as the previous year, the percentage of graduates from IIT Kharagpur getting placed in phase 1 fell this year by about 15%. Almost every day, fewer students were placed this year than last year. The details of the same can be seen in the figure below.

Most of the branches witnessed a considerable fall in numbers compared to last year. The most negative impact was seen for AE, BT, CE, CH, CY, and MF branches. Surprisingly, GG, IM, and QM branches had an increase in the number of students placed, whereas CS, ECE, EE, and ME branches were least affected.

Although the numbers were less, this year, there has been a significant rise in the median CTC being offered in many branches. Surprisingly, the median CTC offered to CSE students fell by over 5 lakhs, while for NA and QM students, it has risen by around 5 lakhs.

CTC Analysis

Most of the student’s CTC lied in the range of 5-15 LPA (57.09%). The Median CTC of the college was 14 Lakhs. The top CTC offered was 80 LPA by Quantbox (Bangalore).


Number of recruitments by each company


• The data collected is from various independent sources and there might be some discrepancies between the actual data and the data presented here.

• The numbers are excluding Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs)

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