-Feedback by Runjhun Goswami, Graduated in 2020, Architecture and Regional Planning “Innovation, entrepreneurship, and enterprise are inextricably related. An executive is expected to possess entrepreneurial qualities for effective decision making


Anirban Majumder, Graduated from Department of Chemical Engineering, in 2020, PhD candidate at University of Pennsylvania This micro specialization will allow the students to understand how the nature of fluid

Feedback by Rishabh Kumar, 5th year UG, Mathematics and Computing “Theory of optimization plays an important role in Engineering management and mathematics and is closely related to several other fields

Moving ahead with the Core vs Non-Core series, we have Arjun Wadhawan, a delightful personality, who has completed his doctorate in Computational Chemistry from the University of Amsterdam. Arjun graduated

Despite being surrounded by a plethora of fields, our vision is often obscured by just a few popular ones. The hidden fields are apparently less traveled paths and students are

Dean’s Reply to Students

There has been a lot of fuss among the student community regarding the reopening of campus and warning mail sent to students for filling the resource-constrained form not intended for

Awaaz, IIT Kharagpur was given the opportunity for asking questions to both the candidates in their respective Statements of Purpose, held on 3rd August 2021 for TSG Elections 2021-22. In

Kahani Chunav Chunav Ki

Elections remain to be a fundamental core of any democracy; it won’t be unjustified to say that an election is the manifestation of democracy. The TSG Constitution came into being

In these unprecedented times when the needs of the students have to be addressed in a more coherent and proactive way, an elected Students’ Senate becomes much more important. Unlike

This year, two new posts are being introduced in the Gymkhana Elections for Students’ Welfare Secretary - Academic Help Subcommittee and Community & Crisis Subcommittee. Read what Nikhil Kumar and Aditi Singhania, Officiating General Secretary Students' Welfare, have to say about them.

In continuation to our previous posts, here we have the Sports and Games Secretaries from the session 2019-20. In this article we have contacted: Aviraj Bevli, Anshul Gupta, Satya Sai Kiranmayee, Piyush Sahu, D Abhilash, Siddharth Gandhi, Hardik Shah, Himanshu Dang, and Raju Ram to share their experiences.

In continuation to our previous post, here we have the position holders of Technology Secretaries from the session 2019-20. Do read this article to know what experiences Utkarsh Agrawal, Devaki Nandana, Bhavik Jain, and Vasu Chourasia have to share with us.