Secretary Testimonials – Sports & Games

Aviraj Singh Bevli
Squash Subcommittee

I was engaged in squash from the time I started my journey at IIT Kharagpur. I was very much involved in the day-to-day proceedings of squash. So, for me, it was a natural choice to become a secretary.

Frankly speaking, a secretary doesn’t have much work to do. They just need to complete all the needs of the sport, and their duties are mainly to convey what the team has to say to the GSecs and convey information from GSecs to the team. Also, they have to plan the budget along with the PTI. Every year, there’s a specific budget allotted to every sport; the secretary and the PTI plan how this budget should be utilized. The secretary is not very involved, and it isn’t very hectic. So, I don’t think there’d be any issue in balancing your academics along with this post.

The major advantage of being a secretary is you get to interact with the team a lot. You’ll be with the team for at least one or two hours a day. So at the end of your tenure, your team will be like a family away from home for you. Another advantage is you get to practice daily. If you are involved with the team, naturally, you will get the tempo to practice daily, and this will have a good impact on your game. If you are aiming to play for Inter IIT, being the Secretary will help you since you will get the motivation to practice. For the games like table tennis, squash, tennis, badminton, in which only four or five people play at a time, being the secretary is more like a family, and I guess the work distribution is also comparatively easier for the smaller team sports.

Advice to juniors: I would say that whatever sport you are contesting in, don’t just contest for the sake of it. You should contest only if you are genuinely passionate about the sport. If you are not involved in the sport, it becomes a burden.


Anshul Gupta
Cricket Subcommittee

Secretaries hold the lowest position in the student body of Gymkhana office bearers; despite that, it’s the most important post in the Gymkhana. Not even a small Gymkhana event is possible without secretaries. Secretaries are the pillars of gymkhana. The secretary position offers you the opportunity to handle both planning and execution of the events, which I guess no other post offers as a sophomore in KGP. Being a secretary feels like a district collector; you will be the king of your field.

Being the secretary, you will carry the responsibility of every small to big requirement of your team and every team member, representing the whole institution in important tournaments like Inter IIT. Starting from structuring the huge budget and then managing all the necessities including every sports equipment, travel expenses, organizing inter hall tournaments and other events (like trials, camps, etc.), refreshments, medical and many other expenses into that budget will give you real hands-on experience. And more importantly, it will give you a team who will help and value your work. If you respect your post, your team will respect you. And talking about time management between this and academics, then it’s a part of your job. The night is all yours.

As previously mentioned, this post will offer you both the planning and execution parts. Between planning and execution exists a “process” that provides us with a lot to learn; now, it is up to us how much we can enjoy and learn from it. Our tenure starts from campaigning our candidature and ends on the final match of GC of your sport. Between all this, we have to face many challenges like ensuring logistics, monitoring practice sessions, dealing with different types of persons, resolving conflicts between halls, taking approvals, conducting meetings, making fixtures, calling umpires, designing jerseys, booking tickets, ensuring the safety of players and being in KGP we can’t ignore the challenge the weather of KGP offers during practice and on match days. And now, if we are contesting for this post, then we should be smart enough to understand what we will achieve after tackling all these challenges on our own, in our way.

Advice to juniors: First and most important, Get in touch with ex-secretaries of your respective post, ask questions and clear all your doubts. Don’t just contest for the POR; if you want to go in the regular practice of your respective sports, you don’t have to give additional time for your secy related work, and your team, both seniors and juniors, will also help you in your work. Still, if you only want to become a secretary for POR, then it will be like a corporate job without benefits.


Hardik Shah
Basketball Subcommittee

I suffered a partial ligament tear from my basketball match in GC, and I wanted to stay connected to the game, so I thought in this way I can be connected to the game. So this was my inspiration for contesting for the post. 

The experience was exhilarating because we were to conduct Inter IIT in our tenure, which was a big deal. It was amazing to bag two medals – Gold for Girls and Silver for Boys. For the responsibilities, you need to coordinate with the team and PTI and Gymkhana officials, make sure your team does not face any problem, and oversee the ground and its equipment. Every person has their own perspective of the importance of work. In my opinion, if you are not good at time management, by the end of your tenure, you will be very good at it.

As you need to coordinate with the team, PTI, and Gymkhana officials and work with people at every level, it develops your character, and you get a good amount of cross-functional experience. It gives you the ability to handle work and manage time very well. You get to know how to talk to people, how to connect with them, and get a whole new perspective of how things happen.

Advice to juniors: Make sure if you are contesting for the post, then you are ready to give your 100% as the post will require it. And those who have doubts regarding it, feel free to reach out to us. Best of luck!


Satya Sai Kiranmayee
Aquatics Subcommittee

In my first year, I was in Prasthanam, and I got to know about secy positions from my seniors at Prasthanam. I started researching the positions, and I, along with some of my friends, decided to contest and support each other. I used to practice swimming in my first year and when I was looking through the positions, I came to know that swimming secy has the least competition. Most people who are very particular about a certain post go for that post. But, I did not have any such particular interests, so I decided to go with the post with the least competition. My friends and seniors, especially at Prasthanam, encouraged me to apply for the post.

I had already talked to previous secys regarding my duties, and I was aware of them before contesting for the elections. So, in aquatics, there are slots for practice in the morning and the evening. Apart from that, there are slots for Inter IIT Swimming and water polo practice and NSO slots. I had to manage all these slots and take care of the players’ needs during Inter IIT practice. Since I was not a player, I had to go to the pool once and stay there for around 30 mins. During Inter IIT, I had to stay there for an hour or so. I also had to go to the sub-committee meetings, but they were not very long. Thus it did not affect my academics, and I could balance the two by pre-planning my schedule. 

I gained a lot from this experience. I made connections with a lot of people. Also, the secretary post is the best POR any second year can get, and it leaves a good impression during CDC. I learned how to manage my time properly, and I learned how to be a team player. I learned how to take on responsibilities, and this has helped me a lot in my career.

Advice to juniors: I would like to say that this position will help you a lot in building confidence and pushing yourself. You’ll learn a lot in the process and have a lot of fun. So, you should go ahead and have fun.


Piyush Sahu
Volleyball Subcommittee

I was regularly playing volleyball in the first year and was in NSO volleyball. When I joined my hall’s team, I got more excited about Volleyball. I got to know how the KGP team is performing and met several Inter IIT players. Then I thought about contesting for this post and becoming a part of the KGP Volleyball Community.

I was holding a post for the first time in my life. Once I joined it, it was a very motivating and interesting job for me. We have to manage the team and communicate their needs to the GSec and PTI. I coordinated with the PTI to ensure the smooth functioning of NSO Volleyball. I was responsible for Inter Hall Tournaments, Freshers’ Tournaments and NSO Team Selections, etc. During the Inter IIT, I was with the team like their assistant.

It wasn’t a hectic task to do that up to my level. I used to go to the ground every day, even if I’m not a secretary. I play volleyball whenever I am on the field. So it made me relax a bit, and that’s why it didn’t affect my academics.

I learned management skills from this. I also got the ability to handle pressure situations as I had to face GSecs from all halls in subcommittee meetings. There were issues in GC due to rain, due to which my entire tournament was affected, and I had to change my schedule and postpone matches. These experiences have taught me to face any difficulties easily.

Advice to juniors: If you are contesting for the post, you need to know the team and have a collectivistic approach, and you should be clear about the responsibilities and do them seriously. The COVID situation is very different, so they need to develop new ideas for how to interact with the players.


Abhilash Dachepally
Badminton Subcommittee

I was very much fascinated by Badminton. I used to play almost every day after coming to KGP and also was part of NSO Badminton. When I used to play badminton, I used to notice the Secretaries and GSecs and all the subcommittee meetings and how things work at the Gymkhana level. I was motivated for the secretary position after seeing all these things. So, I thought of contesting in the Gymkhana Elections. I talked with my hall seniors and the then badminton secretary, Avi Singh Raghuwanshi, regarding the process. During the time of elections, my seniors and my batchmates have helped me a lot.

I think for being Secretary Badminton or any other Sport or Game, you have to have enough knowledge in that particular sport. The major responsibilities of being a secretary are conducting Open IIT, General Championship, Freshers’ Tournament, and managing the budget. You have to ensure whether the facilities available for the sport are sufficient enough for the Inter IIT Team for their practice and other players. You also have to be in touch with your PTI. You should always be able to solve the problems faced by the Inter IIT Team and the regular players; for this, you have to visit the court regularly. And also have to look at slot timings and try making it available for all the players.

As I regularly play badminton and give enough time to the sport, it was easy for me to handle between this and Academics. So if you plan things well, it will be easy for you to manage. 

The memorable times in my tenure vary from being the best times in my life and some being rough; either way, they have become milestones that will be remembered forever. I have been so lucky to meet some great seniors, batchmates, and especially the Badminton Team of KGP. My tenure as a Secretary has truly been nothing less than a rollercoaster ride. During Inter IIT and the General Championship, I had some great times and will be remembered forever because of the feelings, experience, and new beginnings that it gave me.

During my tenure as a Secretary the experience, I have learned many things like leadership skills, organizing events, teamwork, and how to manage time effectively. I also learned how to handle the crowd during these events. It helped me gain self-confidence and the ability to take up challenges.

Advice for Juniors: You make sure that you have enough knowledge about the Sport/Game that you are contesting for. Get in touch with the seniors or previous secretaries and get the things clarified. Don’t think of the results and give your best; I’m sure that you will learn a lot during this phase. All the Best!


Raju Ram
Athletics Subcommittee

When I was in my first year, I participated in Sangram – a Sports Fest organized by IIT Roorkee. On my way to Roorkee, I heard about the various secretary posts at TSG from Athletics seniors. Later, I got to know about the responsibilities of the position in detail by the previous secretary of the Athletics Subcommittee and seniors. My friends and seniors encouraged me to contest for the post of secretary. My motivation was to explore myself, contribute something to the KGP community and make good connections.

Being the Athletics Subcommittee Secretary, I was responsible for the smooth conduct of various events like Open IIT Road Race, NSO Athletics Trials, Athletics Freshers’ Tournament, and Inter IIT Trials. I also had to make the tentative athletics calendar, manage my subcommittee budget, give timely insights of team performance to GSec Sports & Games, and organize subcommittee meetings to fix the date and schedule of events of the Inter Hall Athletics General Championship.

My department was not much loaded. The Athletics team members, Dr. Pranab Sarkar, and both General Secretary were incredibly supportive and cooperative. Therefore, I was easily able to balance my time between this and academics.

It was a nice experience organizing events and managing multiple commitments. It was a great learning experience for me. We all sports secretaries got a direct chance to contribute to organizing Inter IIT Sports Meet and Inter IIT Aquatics Meet. Unfortunately, only the Day 1 event of the General Championship was held before lockdown initiated, and we also missed an outside tournament due to covid, which was fully planned.


Himanshu Dang
Hockey Subcommittee

I was a part of the Inter IIT Hockey team in my first year. Being close to my team and the seniors were fruitful since they gave me many insights that could resolve my doubts and the dilemmas I had in my first year. I had a sound knowledge of the game, I knew how to play the game, and I was well aware of the logistics that had to be taken care of, so seeing all these factors, I felt that I could be a better managerial person in terms of this particular sport, and this was what motivated me the most to contest for the position of Secretary.

IIT Kharagpur was organizing the 54th Inter IIT meet, so we played a significant role as Secretaries. Apart from the regular responsibilities, we had to fulfill other duties, like the core team members of the Inter IIT Core committee, preparations of which had already started from May itself. We organized a 20-day summer camp in the summer vacations for the practice of Inter IIT. After that, the main responsibilities of the Secretary come into play when the team has to go for any outstation tournament. During the Inter IIT, we have to ensure that the players are in a good space and provide proper medication. In the Springtime, the most significant responsibility of the Secretary is to conduct the General Championship. 

The position of Secretary is considered as the best position of responsibility for a second-year student. I would not be commenting on the POR side of it, but it certainly helps you boost your personality; it enables you to boost your confidence. It helps in improving your communication skills and the way of interacting with others. It also gives you a better sense of connecting with people and building contacts. So overall, it helps you to develop yourself into a better version of yourself. 

Advice for Juniors: First of all, there is a big misconception that you won’t be able to play once you become a Secretary. Please avoid this thought. You will be in direct contact with the captains and could seek any advice you want. Secondly, connect to your seniors; they will surely guide you and would be able to give valuable insights, and since the elections are online social media will play an important role, so make wise use of it. Finally, if selected for the post, congratulations, and if not, then there is nothing to worry about; many other opportunities are waiting for you. Thank you.


Siddharth Gandhi
Tennis Subcommittee

According to me, the position of secretary offers the opportunity of both planning and execution which I guess no other post offers as a sophomore. Secretary holds the lowest position in the Gymkhana but still, they are the backbone of the gymkhana. There are no events possible without the secretaries. I did not join any society in my first year and used to go to the tennis court for regular practice. I liked playing Tennis a lot and being the secretary I got the opportunity to manage the sport which I liked the most during my tenure.

Each sport has a different number of events, and as a secy, you will have to carry the responsibilities for those events. In general, a secretary has to carry responsibility for every requirement of his/ her team. A secretary is the only medium of communication between the given sport and gymkhana officials. As far as events are considered generally during the tenure the Secretary has to organize events starting from the NSO trials, then the freshers’ tournament, open IIT, Inter IIT trials, and Inter Hall. The first responsibility that each secretary has to carry out is structuring the huge budget they have been allotted. I don’t think being a secretary takes a lot of our time, because the gymkhana meetings are generally held only twice a month. And if you are regular with your work you can manage both at the same time.

I think time management is something that you will learn and it’s all about executing the plan. You will learn how to manage feuds between teams and players. The election process also makes you outspoken. Also, if you are a player and also a secretary you will be able to get into more practice sessions and this will help you in improving the game. You also develop contacts so this way I have gained a lot because of being secretary.

Advice for juniors: So the first and most important would be to get in touch with the ex-general secretaries or the ex secretaries of the post and always clear your doubts. If you are becoming a sports secy you should know the rules and regulations of the game. Since you have to be present at all the matches it is beneficial if you know how to play the game and thus while you are at the court you can practice the game. There have been many misconceptions that you should be excellent in the sport you practice, being a good secretary has nothing to do with how well you play. A good amount of knowledge about the sport and having good managerial skills is all it requires, being good in that sport is just an added advantage as you don’t have to find extra time. Also, I would suggest you be more active on Facebook during elections so that more people get aware of the post you are contesting for.

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